Terms & Conditions of Sale

In an ongoing commitment to being a place that we, ourselves, would want to shop at, we have revised our terms to be even more reasonable and customer-friendly. Please take a moment to read them and contact us if you have any questions about them.

By placing an order with Rocket Signs, you must agree to the following terms of sale. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us prior to ordering.

WEB SITE ACCURACY: The prices and information on this web site is deemed to be accurate at the time it was posted. Mistakes do happen. If you are ever unsure about a price or information, please contact us to confirm it. Rocket Signs apologizes for any error in price or information for which can not be honored.

TURN-AROUND / PRODUCTION TIME: Rocket Signs has a remarkable turnaround time ranging from same day up to a week most commonly. Please ask your sales rep for a clearer picture of when your order will be ready if you are expecting your order by a certain date.

SAME DAY SHIPPING: All orders that are packed and ready to ship by the shipping carrier pickup, will be shipped regardless of when they were ordered.

Please contact us to see what our current order cut-off time is for same day shipping as this is subject to change periodically.

Product descriptions will specify whether or not same-day turnaround is available. Not all items can ship the same day. Same-day service many be suspended on national holidays, as well as other days of the week when there is a national holiday, inclement weather, acts of God, illness, power outage, equipment failure, unusually high volume, labor strike or other events beyond our control. While same day turnaround may be available, it is not a guarantee. The only way to have your order guaranteed to ship on or by a specific date is to request a "deadline guarantee certificate" when you get ready to order. This is a written promise that your order will be ready to ship by a certain date.

RUSH JOBS & RUSH CHARGES: The industry standard of charging an exorbitant fee for working a little harder and faster to meet your deadline is something Rocket Signs doesn't do. Rocket Signs has a reputation for working longer days during busy periods to get orders done on time. That's one of the many differences that lead people to choose Rocket Signs. However in some cases, when a rush is requested during an exceptionally busy period, mistakes or quality defects may occur. By requiring Rocket Signs to rush the job, you must also accept any minor mistakes or quality defects as a result of rushing it.

"NO EXCUSES" MONEY-BACK DEADLINE GUARANTEE: The standard turnaround time for most products ordered through the website is 1-2 business days. However, the only way to have your order guaranteed to ship on or by a specific date is to request a "deadline guarantee certificate" when you get ready to order. You must receive the "deadline guarantee certificate" in writing from the sales department. You can ask for one prior to ordering either online or by phone. You will then be sent a confirmation that your order will be shipped in time to be received by your deadline. If it isn't shipped by that time, you will get a refund.

Orders backed up with a deadline guarantee certificate will be followed closely from beginning to end to ensure they ship out in time to get to you by your deadline. There is no extra charge to have your order guaranteed. If you are promised that you will have your order by a specific date and it doesn't ship out in time for you to receive it by that date, Rocket Signs will refund your money for the items you can't use. To be eligible for a complete refund, all of the items must be returned to us in new, unused condition within 10 days. To do this, please contact customer service and arrangements will be made to pick up the order at our expense.

Not all orders can be guaranteed. Delays that occur during shipping, including, but not limited to, weather delays, labor strikes, loss, damage, misdeliveries, remote addresses and unusually high volume, are beyond our control and therefore we do not guarantee the order will be received by a certain date, only that the order will be shipped by a certain date using a day-definite and reliable shipping service. We reserve the right to upgrade you to a faster shipping method at our expense, if necessary to meet a deadline, even if it does not ship by a promised date. An order with a underrun of 10% or less that is shipped on time is considered a met obligation and not subject to the entire order being refunded although you will receive a refund for the shortage.

EXTRA CHARGES & FEES: Unless otherwise stated, expect the prices to be "all-inclusive" and will arrive at your door at that price, ready to use. The only extra charge that may be a concern is sales tax. If an order is being exported, you will be responsible for all duties and tariffs when it enters your country.

FREE SHIPPING OFFER: Rocket Signs does not charge freight, shipping, or handling for the lower 48 United States on custom sign products for a single address for orders of $149+ or more. The free shipping is usually Fedex or UPS Ground, or the least expensive day-definite carrier or service. If you require a faster service, such as overnight or second day shipping you can upgrade for an additional charge.  If your order needs to be shipped to multiple addresses, the shipping for one address will be free but the shipping charges for the other addresses will not be free. Furthermore, there may be an extra cost for additional packaging for multiple addresses.

The free shipping offer may exclude stock signs and supplies ordered independently without any custom products. The offer also excludes delivery to addresses not serviced by the major shipping carriers that we use or addresses in geographically remote locations with significantly higher than average shipping costs. The offer may also exclude shipping on large oversized shipments. Items that are ineligible for the free shipping offer will clearly say so in the product description in the online store section of our website or you will be notified prior to processing your order if additional charges will result due to your address or items ordered.

At our discretion, orders consisting of numerous parcels or large sizes or weights, the free shipping method may be delivered by a freight line in a "big rig."

OVERRUNS & UNDERRUNS: In many cases, it is not possible to fill the quantity ordered completely due to many factors. Orders for printed items are occasionally subject to having an underrun or shortage. In the event of an underrun, you will be credited back for any shortage. In the event of an overrun, you may be shipped a little more than the quantity ordered. You will not be charged for any overrun either however any accessories that may have accompanied the order, such as wire stakes, will still be shipped in the original quantity ordered. Underruns will be indicated on your invoice or sales receipt provided with your order or separately after the order is complete. If you find a shortage that Rocket Signs is not aware of, report it within 7 days of receipt of the shipment so an investigation can take place and replacement or credit can be issued if necessary. While we will refund you for an underrun, we are not obligated to fill the shortage. For that reason, it is best to order at least 10% more than you need so that you have enough in the event of an underrun or misprints.

FREE DESIGN SERVICE:Rocket Signs offers free design for prospective customers. This service has it's own separate terms and conditions that can be found elsewhere on this site. By using this service, you must agree to those terms and conditions.

ARTWORK POLICY: By ordering, you certify that you are authorized to utilize any and all parts of your supplied artwork, including the design, art, photographs, copy, fonts, clip art and logos. When you approve your design proof, you release Rocket Signs from any responsibility for any spelling, grammatical or other errors that may be in the proof, regardless of who created the error. All content and proofing is your responsibility. Once the proof is approved, last minute changes made after approval are not guaranteed and may not be possible.
Further, you must indemnify, hold harmless and agree to defend Rocket Signs, its employees, officers, directors, subsidiaries and vendors from any suit, claim or demand arising from the reproduction or use of the material you provided to us.

Artwork supplied to Rocket Signs that contains intricate details, very small text or other elements that, due to our printing limitations, cannot be printed, may be visible on a proof, but will not be present on the actual printed item or it may be present with some defect. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify whether such details on supplied artwork are likely to be omitted or have print defects as a result of printing limitations. No guarantee is made that intricate details or small text in supplied artwork can be printed or printed without defects, even if the details show up on a proof and Rocket Signs is not responsible for omissions of copy, content or elements of supplied artwork that are beyond our capability to reproduce or reproduce within reasonable quality standards.

PROOFING: Customers will receive a proof showing what their item will look like. The proofs are intended to be a reasonably accurate representation of the finished good however it is not possible for the proof to precisely match the finished good. There will be differences in how imprint colors appear in a proof and how they appear as a finished good. We make every effort to display colors as close as possible to the actual ink color but they will not match. Furthermore, there may be very slight differences when it fine detail. Very small and very fine detail that is visible in the proof may not end up on the finished good. If a very small detail exists that is important to you, you must confirm with us in advance that it will not be a problem to reproduce it.

Proofing is optional however Rocket Signs is not responsible for errors, omissions or using the incorrect artwork in the event you waive your proof or do not approve a proof.

COLOR MATCHING: Although color matching is offered as a service, because of many factors beyond our control, Rocket Signs does not guarantee exact color matches on any products. Furthermore, the colors displayed in proofs and on this web site are not intended to represent the actual colors of the actual finished printed goods. Numerous factors and limitations in online displays prevent us from displaying the exact color of the finished product.

PAYMENT: Unless an open account has been established, Rocket Signs requires 100% full advance payment before the production will begin. Purchase orders can also be used in conjunction with an open account which can also be used upon approval of a signed credit application.

You can pay with any of these major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express. Debit and gift cards with any of the major credit card logos that we accept are also accepted.

You can also pay with a personal or company check. Prepayments made by check will have to clear the bank before production will begin.

Bitcoin is accepted for payment. At our discretion, there may be periods of time where we are unable to accept Bitcoin.

Cash and digital cash is also accepted.

There may be periods of time when our payment processing is unavailable. Rocket Signs is not responsible for any damages resulting from these outages.

In the event that a refund needs to be issued, Rocket Signs will make an effort you use your original payment method but reserves the right to select a method other than the original payment method if necessary.

RETURNED CHECKS: There is a $45 fee for checks returned regardless of the reason.

CREDIT ACCOUNTS: Rocket Signs offers open account terms if you are a customer that orders regularly and are creditworthy as determined by credit reports and/or credit references. Credit accounts may have additional terms and conditions. Please ask a sales consultant for an application if you are interested.

RETURNS & CANCELLATIONS: Rocket Signs stands behind all work 100%. If there is ever anything that is keeping you from loving what you got, please let Rocket Signs know so that any problem can be fixed.

Repair, replacement or refunds on defective material or problems with workmanship may be offered. The method for remedy will be selected at our discretion. Defects with workmanship must be reported within 15 days to be considered for a refund or replacement. Photographs showing what the problem is may be required and provided by email.

If for any reason you are unhappy with a stock item, such as accessories or stock signs that haven't been customized, you can return those products for a complete refund minus shipping if returned within 15 days. Return shipping will be paid by Rocket Signs only in the case of defective merchandise. All returns require an "return authorization number" from customer service and all returns must be received within 15 days of being issued a return authorization number. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee. Orders over $1,000 are ineligible for returns.

Please notify Rocket Signs with problems with your order such as shortages or mistakes within a reasonable amount of time to ensure prompt handling. Within 5 days from delivery is best.

Please be 100% sure that you want or need what you are ordering, before you order it. Production begins very quickly and there is a very brief period of time where orders can be canceled without incurring charges for work that has already been completed. If you change your mind or need to make adjustments to the order you have recently placed after approving your proof, the best thing to do is to call in and speak to someone about it. If it's outside of our business hours, contact us online.

In the event Rocket Signs is unable to completely fulfill your order, we reserve the right to cancel all or part of the order and refund your money for the portion of your order that we are unable to fulfill. You must agree to release Rocket Signs from any liability for damages resulting from our inability to completely fulfill your order.

If an order can still be canceled, if a credit card was used to pay for it already, a fee of 3.5% of the total charge will apply and not be refunded. If the card was not processed yet, the 3.5% fee will not apply. Other digital payment methods that involve processing fees will also apply to any refund or credit.

MISTAKES: Rocket Signs is operated by human beings and as a result, mistakes with orders do occasionally happen that are entirely our fault. While we will do everything in our power to correct the mistake and do your order over again if necessary, you must agree to release Rocket Signs from any liability resulting in damages resulting from your inability to use the order resulting from a mistake that was made on our behalf. For that reason, we highly recommend ordering far enough in advance so that a replacement order can be sent to you ahead of any deadline you may have.

MISPRINTS: Misprinted items are evaluated during a quality control process to determine if the defect is minor enough to turn in to the customer. Printing stock frequently comes from the factory with minor impurities and contaminants that can impact print quality and result in misprints. This is beyond our control, though we do what we can to filter out major misprints, we do have a wider tolerance for misprints on jobs with heavy ink coverage that are more likely to result in an imprint from dirty stock. If your order has heavy ink coverage or is reverse-printed, you must accept minor print defects.

ORDERS DAMAGED OR LOST IN TRANSIT: Orders damaged or lost in transit is our responsibility. If you received a damaged order, please point out the damage to the delivery personnel if possible. If this is not possible, retain all packaging and packaging material as well as the damaged merchandise and retain it until the shipping carrier has completed its investigation. Notify us within 3 days of receipt. Our shipment insurance only covers the cost of the damaged items and not the cost to replace the damaged items. What this means, is that you may receive a refund for the damaged goods rather than a replacement of the damaged goods The decision to refund or replace is at our sole discretion.

In the case of a lost order, we will submit a claim for the damage with the shipping company who will conduct their own investigation. There may be a period of time of up to 14 days for the shipping carrier to conclude that they lost the shipment. Once that happens, we will either refund or replace the order, at our discretion.

ORDERS STOLEN FROM DELIVERY POINT: Most deliveries will not require a signature and are left at the destination. Rocket Signs is not liable for deliveries that are stolen after delivery has been made. You are responsible for securing your delivery point by having personnel receive the shipments and not leaving them unattended where they can be taken. Video surveillance is not adequate protection from package theft. Shipments are not insured against theft after they have been delivered.

UNCLAIMED ORDERS: Orders that have not provided a shipping address or that were supposed to be picked up will be stored for a maximum of 90 days. After which time, the order will be treated as unclaimed lost property in accordance with the laws of our state.

WARRANTIES: Except where expressly stated, no warranty is offered or implied.

LEGAL USE OF THESE PRODUCTS: Rocket Signs makes no guarantees that any of these products conform with your local sign laws, zoning or building codes. Please check your local, county and state ordinances before you order. Orders can not be returned if you later determine they are not permitted in your area. The use of these products is at your own risk and you agree to indemnify and save harmless Rocket Signs, employees and assigns against all claims for damages to persons or property by reason of use of the products ordered, and all expenses incurred by us thereof, including attorney's fees and court costs.

Last updated March 15, 2023

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