Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Ordering

Q: What if I have a problem with my order?
Q: How do I get my order?
Q: How long does it take before the order is shipped out? (Lead time)
Q: Can I cancel an order?
Q: Has my order shipped yet?
Q: How can I find out the status of my order?
Q: Can I pick up my order in person?
Q: Do you guarantee I will have my sign(s) by my deadline?
Q: How can I make sure my order will get here by my deadline?
Q: What countries do you sell to?
Q: Can I order by phone?
Q: Can I see a proof first?

Questions About Products

Q: Is there a minimum order? Can I order just one yard sign, one sticker or one poster?
Q: Why do signs with more than one imprint color, especially yard signs, cost more than signs with just one color?
Q: Does the yard sign background color count as an imprint color?
Q: What colors do the TuffCor signboards come in?
Q: What if I'm not sure how many colors are in my design?
Q: How do I know what size sign or banner I need?
Q: Do I need a permit for my sign(s)?
Q: What is the best imprint color to use?

Questions About Pricing & Billing

Q: Can I get a price break for a package of signs if they are not all alike?
Q: Why do some prices drop so much with quantity?
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
Q: Can I pay C.O.D.?
Q: Do you offer price matching or a low price guarantee?
Q: Can I order online if I want to use my open account?
Q: Can I order online if I want to pay by check?
Q: Why are your prices so much lower than everywhere else?
Q: Do you "wholesale" or have a trade discount?
Q: Do you have an affiliate program?
Q: How much is shipping?

Questions About Design

Q: Can you put my logo or clipart on the sign?
Q: What files do you accept?
Q: What kind of artwork do you need to start my order?
Q: What do you charge for design?

Other Questions

Q: Do you offer installation?
Q: Can I get a material sample?
Q: Can you print your union bug on my items?
Q: What is your setup fee?
Q: Is there a warranty?
Q: How are you so much faster than other sign shops?

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