Stake pockets make repeated reuse of signs very convenient and for that reason, they are popular for real estate directionals or other signs that are used only during the weekends.

Stake pockets have a number of advantages. They eliminate the need to fasten the sign to wood stakes. Because the sign panels are not attached to wood stakes, they are higher up on the stake for better visibility. The pockets enable you to adjust the signs to a good angle without messing with the stakes. And best of all, with stake pockets, you can leave the stakes in the ground and just pull the signs off when they aren't being used. When it's time to put the signs out again, simply place the sign over the stakes, which are already in the ground. This saves the trouble of pounding stakes in the ground each time the signs go out.

Here's how it works. A pocket is attached to the sign board with special staples. This makes for a snug and secure fit for wood utility stakes. Once you get to a location where a sign is going, pound a wood stake in the ground. Then slide the sign over the stake.

When the end of the weekend rolls around, simply pull off the sign boards and leave the stakes in the ground. This keeps you in compliance with most weekend sign regulations as you are not leaving a sign out there just a stake.

Another plus to this option is that you don't need to use roofing nails to attach your sign boards to stakes. If the stakes break, then you will likely ruin the sign board trying to remove it with the nails in there. This also allows you to adjust the height of the sign somewhat.

NOTE: Our special staples will penetrate the main sign board. While the protruding staples are not noticeable from a distance unlike roofing nails with the bright-colored washers, some may object to how it looks at close range.

This is the method the pros use for weekend directional signs.

You can order stake pockets for just a certain number of your TuffCor yard signs.