Riders are smaller panels that piggyback on top of TuffCor yard signs, insert into yard sign frames, hang from hanging signs or attach to posts in some other way. They are made from TuffCor and Aluminum.

Riders can be made in custom sizes, however they are available in the following standard sizes: 6"x24" and 6"x18"

Because riders are based on the pricing of the larger yard sign panels, you will find that they become most cost effective in larger quantities. You can bundle different phrases or designs together to qualify for the larger price break with only some minor restrictions. This means if other people in your office also need riders, you can bundle your orders together to get the price break for all riders of the same size.

6" x 18" riders can be split 4 ways.

6" x 24" riders can be split 3 ways.

Please discuss splitting your order with our Design Team before ordering to make sure all the different designs you want can be included in the same quantity package.

Several options are available for riders. You can have holes and grommets put in your riders as well as order rider stakes and hanging ties to secure them to yard signs.

Contact us today to get a price on riders.