In order to qualify for a package price break for the total number of signs you're ordering, they all have to be identical. That includes the arrows.

If you take a sheet a of paper and draw a right arrow on the front then flip the paper over and draw a right arrow on the back, you'll see what happens when the same arrow direction is printed on both sides of the sign... The arrows end up pointing in different actual directions. To resolve this issue on double-sided signs, we have to set up to print an arrow on the reverse that is pointing in the opposite direction. The result is a sign that has arrows that point to the same actual direction no matter which direction the sign is viewed from. To do this, we charge extra.

There are some alternative options that may be cheaper for you depending on the quantity of signs and the style of arrow. We offer self-adhesive arrow stickers which can be placed on in any direction you wish.

Another option, which is a little difficult to explain, is to print an off-centered arrow. The reason the arrow ends up being off-center is because we actually set up the design to have an arrow that points both left and right. Only one side is printed at a time and while it is, the other side of the arrow is covered up. If you can live with the arrow not being centered, this will save you a good chunk of change. If you'd rather have the arrow centered or if your design doesn't allow this method, please select that option instead.

In order to be eligible for an off-centered arrow, the arrow must be done in one of your imprint colors, printed on a white background (or yellow if your signboards are yellow).

If you only have printing on one side of your signs, this item doesn't apply to your order and isn't required.