Shakerboard Signs

Shakerboards are an extremely valuable tool, particularly in areas where unfair and restrictive sign codes prohibit stationary promotional signs and banners. Shakerboards are handheld signs that are carried by personnel, typically in front of a business, while they walk around, wave, dance, twirl the signs or do something else to get attention.

Shakerboards first came on the scene in the early 2000's, when an innovative company in California offered to have professional dancers shake their booty on the sidewalk while holding up a directional arrow sign. This made national headlines because it was so clever and effective. Shakerboards spread like a wave across the country, all the way to the East Coast where they became a popular way to advertise. Business owners soon realized, while extremely memorable, it doesn't really require a professional dancer. Just walking around and shaking the signs a little bit gets a lot of attention and while you have to pay someone to hold the sign, results continue to show that shakerboards are more effective than stationary signs and banners.

Rocket Signs makes shakerboards at extremely low prices and offers free expert design to make sure your shakerboards are going to work.

Shakerboards are available in the standard size of 18"h x 72"l. Most get an arrow tip on the right side but you can specify if you'd rather have a left arrow or no arrow at all. These are on extra thick half inch TuffCor to keep the signs lightweight but also keep them from getting ratty and creased.