Aluminum Yard Signs

Rocket Signs can design and print your custom aluminum yard signs. Aluminum sign panels have a very long outdoor life span and don't suffer from many of the effects of aging of the other types of yard signs. That makes them popular for real estate signs, job site signs that are reused and other long term uses such as directional signs and promotional signs. These have a typical outdoor durability of 5 to 7 years (when used continuously) in a mild climate. The sunniest locations will experience a life span closer to the 5 years from these, while signs used in shaded locations will experience a life span closer to the 7 year figure. If you only use your signs outdoors on occasion, they will last much longer.

Aluminum yard signs can be hung from wood or metal hanging arm posts, on walls, wood posts or used in our popular steel sign frames.

They come in just one standard size; 18"h x 24"w

It's important to get the design right so they're effective, so take advantage of our free expert design service for your aluminum yard signs. Check in the online store for prices.